our recipe

When we read between the lines of life, we find recipes. Recipes carry the memories and feelings of people and spaces and time. Some evolve while others should never change. And a good recipe, whether published in a famous book or written on a tattered note card, is cherished by all.

Each of us has a recipe for our life - a way in which we got to our end result. At Bakes By Kari, our recipe started with Kari, a little girl in Chicago, who begged her parents for an easy bake oven. Though she didn’t have the words, her desire was far beyond a new toy. She wanted to make people feel loved home through the art and science of baking.

Kari’s 10-year-old world was changed when her father took a job in Scotland, but her passion for baking remained. It grew. She began to bake alongside an older woman who became her Scottish grandma. She learned classic British desserts. And furthermore, she learned the heart behind hospitality from the Scottish people. Turns out moving to Scotland was as much for her as it was her dad.

After 9 years of falling in love with pavlova, Jammie dodgers, and shortbread biscuits, she moved back to America for university. While working jobs in Hospitality, Craft Coffee and Cafe Management, baking never ceased. And thus, from a desire to experience the rest that baking provides on a more consistent basis, Bakes By Kari was born.

And the recipe is constantly changing. However, one thing never changes - a love for God and people is in everything we do. And though we can’t share all the secrets to our recipes, we will indeed offer products which make life sweeter and welcome people into what feels almost home.